Even as the government makes all the effort to promote LED lighting, the highest priority should be given to quality

“Even as the government makes all the effort to promote LED lighting, the highest priority should be given to quality”

Suhas A. Kulkarni,
founder, Zero Systems

Navitas is the LED lighting brand of Zero Systems, an electronics/embedded product design and manufacturing company. The company has over 30 years’ experience in the field of data processing and, more recently, in the
design of LED signage systems. In 2012, it ventured into designing efficient LED lights. By 2013, with these lights successfully built, the company decided to develop more efficient LED products to replace the power hungry metal halide lamps widely used in industrial sheds. Suhas A. Kulkarni, the founder of the company, has won accolades like the ‘Best Woman Entrepreneur’ award from the government of Maharashtra in 2018 and the ‘Entrepreneur of the Year’ award for 2015 from the Vidarbha Industries Association. In conversation with Potshangbam July of Electronics Bazaar, she talks about the company and its products, government policies and incentives, the current challenges faced in the LED lighting industry and its future potential. LED Lighting Ahead Bazaar 67 • Electronics Bazaar June 2019 • www.electronicsb2b.com EB: Having been honoured with the ‘Woman Entrepreneur Award’ in 2018 for your endeavours, what motivated you to foray into the LED lighting industry?We have played our part in the earlier electronics revolution of India, which occurred back in the 80s. We made the commonly used token number indicators,
moving advertising LED message displays and automated traffic lights, to name a few products. Moving further, we also played a significant role in the digitisation of records and data for the government, as well as the education and finance sectors, before our foray into LED lighting. I believe that our vast knowledge of how the LED, IoT and energy ecosystem work, along with our nearly four-decade long industry experience, makes us uniquely qualified to offer future-proof, reliable solutions in the LED lighting domain. And the fact that we, by virtue of
our professional work, can have an impact in the lighting and energy sector has been the prime motivator and daily driver for me over these years. EB: Tell us about your LED product portfolio and its unique attributes? How much does it contribute to your overall turnover? We are mainly into industrial LED lighting. We cover the complete
life cycle, starting from assessment and lighting design, to the supply of the product. In many cases, as per the client’s requirement, we provide customised product designs also. We believe in providing complete lighting
solutions to our clients.<--more--!>