The average lighting load accounts for more than 19% of the total electrical load in the world. In this age of growing despair over economic quandary and environmental conscience, the immediate switch to power conserving options is necessary and LEDs are the answer to that.

Solid State Lighting - LED (Light Emitting Diode)

  • High optical performance
  • Instant 100% light output
  • Long operating life (>50,000 hours)
  • Reduced maintenance and no light source replacement
  • No UV or IR radiation
  • Eco friendly (no mercury, no CO2 emission, no disposal issues)
  • Wide range of choice for colours and colour temperatures
  • Directional light output results in less total lumens to provide the same level of luminance. Hence more efficient
  • Robust – LED is a Solid state device hence no moving parts and no filaments.
  • Dimmable without color change.

Advantage Navitas Lights

What makes Navitas Lights different from other Led lights is that we have spent a lot of time on making our panels resilient not only from the Outside but also from the Inside!

  • Use of SMD (Surface Mounted Device) type LEDs to ensure optimal illumination and heat management.
  • Use of single block aluminum as the shell not only makes the body sturdier but also forms an excellent heat sink for the lights.
  • The use of high grade components and the indigenously developed driver circuits make Navitas products significantly better than competition.
  • Increased durability owing to the built-in auto-recovery feature.