The understanding of human behaviour and influential factors is advancing by leaps and bounds every day, thanks to communication technologies. Today as carbon footprints have become relevant like never before, so has the accountability of every technology towards the environment. So today the challenge, that a few decades ago would have been luminance, has become lumen/watt. The challenge that until a couple of decades ago would have been cost effective profitable production of high intensity lights, has become responsible management of resources and building sustainable lighting solutions.

Energy Efficient Lighting

A ‘green building’ is defined as the one which uses less energy & natural resources, creates less waste and a healthy environment for the people living inside, when compared to a conventional building.

Design & Commissioning

Our team of engineers feel the most at home while designing to meet the needs of each project, using cutting edge technology & tools, energy saving controls, and even presence detection and controllability.

Utility Lighting Services

Navitas Lighting team is sensitive about the environmental impact of lighting. We have developed means & tools to minimise it, and would be delighted to offer them to discerning enterprises through their Energy Efficient Lighting Solutions

Roads & Highway Illumination

I feel lot of difficulties while driving in night due to high beam lights of other cars at opposite direction. If there are no street lights then trees should be planted at divider.

Our skills

We, here at Navitas LED Are committed to providing innovative, cost effective and environmentally safe LED Lighting Solution to our domestic, industrial & institutional costumer need. Our Quest for knowledge, experience, and zeal for the best quality have been instrumental in us being able to design and develop a wide range of LED Lighting Products and Solutions.

First skill 64%
Second skill 89%
Third skill 65%
Last skill 82%


The great thing is that the solutions are both creative, complementing the workspace perfectly, and technically superb. I would gladly recommend them to others looking for sustainable commercial lighting solutions.

It’s a really brilliant range of products. These guys sure have great ideas! The product could be taken even further if it were more fine-tuned for specific needs. An honest, upfront team!

Video work

When you go for Navitas, you tap into a source of technology and design expertise that translate into lighting solutions for greater productivity. It’s about astutely fusing robustness and longevity with best-in-class illumination for LED lights that withstand even the most adverse mechanical and electrical conditions